Wicked Peacock

by kristy

The other week I had the honor of collaborating with Wicked PeacockĀ owner/creative director Silvana Costa on a product photo shoot. Picking pieces to use for the shoot was difficult, pilule I wanted to use EVERYTHING! Costa has done an amazing job at finely selecting a broad range of pieces that there is something for everyone. Photos with our model Carmen O’Connor to come!!


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Opening your own small business can be scary, urologist but Costa orchestrates with such grace and flair ,which was so inspiring to see,that I had to ask her a few questions to share with you.

Current favorite piece in the shop?

There are so many pieces, and because I buy in small quantities, am always getting new products into the store. I’m pretty much IN LOVE with our new shipment of handmade brass rings, including a BEAUTIFUL snake ring. It’s so big, that it takes up your entire finger and its mouth is open, so it looks like it is about to bite the tip of your knuckle right off. An incredible power piece! I’m WAY into snakes right now.

When running out the door, what is the one accessory you put on to complete your look?

I’m a big earring, big ring type. I have an AMAZING brass armor ring with three turquoise stones that is my go-to, my uniform. For something so bold, it woks with all my clothes. People have tried to buy it off my finger, and I’m like: Bitches, please! xo

Do you have any advice for young women who are looking to start their own small business?

YES! It takes more than passion and a good idea to start a business. Owning a business is not for the feint of heart, or people who need their beauty rest. There’s an illusion that if you’re your own boss, you’ve got time to do the things in life that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do. The truth is, everyone wants something from you, so you need to be ready to dodge bullets, for people to come at you out of no where. To start your own business you need serious layers of support, both emotional and financial. Every entrepreneur needs a good lawyer and an even better therapist.

What/who Inspires you?

Iris Apfel inspires me, everyday. Her style is absolutely unapologetic, and I LOVE that! I am inspired that she is able to reinvent herself daily, using jewelry as a tool for connecting with deeper parts of herself, yet to be revealed.

Is there an article of clothing that you absolutely must have for Fall 2013?

I’m actually pairing down to basics, investing in quality clothes that are timeless. I just got a Rachel Zoe leather vest and I think that’s going to be my fall jam. Thanks, MOM! šŸ˜‰



**Need an escape from the city? Take an afternoon trip to the lovely town of Rockport Mass where you will find great shopping, art, and food. After you select a new statement piece (or 5) from WP grab a coffee and go sit by the water.Ā 17 Dock Square in Rockport, MA. Ā (978)546-0200Ā OR shop them onlineĀ http://wickedpeacock.com/