Warmest Color

by kristy

It’s a New Year! Let’s start it off with some good shopping habits and a clean/organized/filled with only ‘I Love’ pieces. When I undertake a new clients closet I pull about 85% of it for the Donate or Consignment piles. 85%!!! I’m no mathematician, viagra but that is a great deal of wasted hard earned money. We are all guilty of purchasing fast fashion, contagion over thrifting, approved and/or over spending on a single piece that hardly gets worn. With our busy lives, who has time to weed through all the fluff to get dressed in the morning and end up putting on the same outfit over and over. Here are seven bad shopping habits to ditch in the New Year.


Over Spending

Be honest with yourself and your budget. Spending upwards to $1,000.00 on a single piece is nonsensical when you could buy an entire ensemble for that price (right down to your intimates). Start each season with a Lust List, a few new pieces; that stand out to update your wardrobe. Then do some research, looking around discounted online shops such as Nordstrom Rack or Blue Fly. I am a HUGE fan of consignment shopping. Most consignment shops, like CrossRoads will a higher percentage back when you trade your pieces for store credit. This is smart shopping, folks.

Buying Pieces Too Youthful

This can be a hard pill to swallow for some and one of the hardest things to word correctly when breaking the news to a client. It is a safe bet that when you reach the age of 30, you shouldn’t wear words across your bum, you need to stay out of the Juniors section, and keep in mind that there is a way to dress in a sexy manner without showing off all of your lady bits.

Repeat Offenders 

I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a million times! You find victory in the fitting room; something you love and feel good in. Then you buy it in ever color and/or only buy this one type of style. Have, at maximum, three of the same/similar piece. You need variety in order to have a productive wardrobe. It’s great to have a signature style but another to always be dressed in the same look (outside of the office).

Buying a New Outfit For Every Event

Does this sound like something you do? You probably haven’t revisited these pieces since your event. The problem with running to a store every time you have an event is your not thinking about how or if you will wear said pieces again. Get creative with the pieces that you already own. Take a dress and throw a skirt over it to create a new look. Statement accessories can dramatically change up a look.

Buying Clothes Too Small

But it’s on sale and I’m totally going to lose 15 lbs…soon. It’s depressing to have clothes in your closet that you can’t wear because they are too tight.

Buying Pieces that You Feel So-So about

Don’t have that Loving Feeling? Don’t bring it home.

Worrying About “What’s In”

Style is about expression and a tool to show the world who you are without words. This is one reason why I love Fashion so much. I dress depending on my role for the day, not what is trendy. Fit and feel is way more important.


Some new work Published in Elléments Magazine. Photographer EzraCafe, more about
Talent Ksenia Shirokova + Lindsay Michaela, MUA Erika Verrett, Stylist Kristy Downer.

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