Tried and True – Six flattery rules

by kristy

Below you will find six universal rules that flatter all body types and make you appear 10 pounds thinner.

Wearing a V-neck lengthens your neck and shows off one of the most sexiest parts of a women, opisthorchiasis the collarbone.

Dressing head to toe in one color is the easiest slimming trick of all time. Most women think this only works with all black, but give other tones a try.


Show off your curves! Don’t hide under shapeless bulky clothing that make you appear bigger than you are.

Invest in a good bra that really supports you. Pay attention to hanging to low, tightness in the back and “hang over” on the top which is one of the most common. Everything you put on will look better!

Belt everything! When you belt at your smallest part you can create an instant hour glass effect. The thickness of the belt is determined by the length of you torso. A medium sized, as opposed to thick and super thin, is a universal option.

Buy clothes that you can move in. We all see those ladies walking about the street tugging at their skirt, or the look of panic on a women’s face when you realizes that she can’t sit down in her outfit. Also, when you are comfortable AND look good you can focus on other matters better.