by kristy

In the early 1900?s, healthful Coco Chanel took a trip to the French Rivera. There she saw the workers in the marina wearing their knit navy and white striped shirts and the inspiration for a new nautical collection was born. Although there is a much more in-depth not so appealing history to Stripes, I would like to highlight Coco’s innovation.

No matter the season or as the years go on, you can always count on stripes to be a look of ‘In the Now’. Most have heard the tried and true rule of stripes; horizontal stripes make you appear wider while vertical stripes lengthen and can be distracting from other areas you would like to hide. I see this issue come fourth when it goes to denim with these so called “whiskers” that can make the upper thigh look wider than it is.  Luckily there are so many ways to wear this classic pattern! Layer under button ups or sweaters. Wear on pants or jackets. Mix it in with other patterns. Have fun with it!

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