Skirt’n around with sweaters

by kristy

More often than not you will find me in a skirt or a dress. Due to my pear shaped body, prostate pants and I have a hard time getting along. I’m always looking for different ways to wear skirts and dresses so it doesn’t seem like I’m always wearing the same thing. The sweater and skirt combo is one of my go to’s. There are so many different ways to create this look. Laying a button up top under a chunky or fitted sweater, bronchi tucking in a loose sweater, tadalafil wearing a sweater over a long sleeve dress or a shirt dress, pairing a chunky sweater and a maxi skirt, the options seem endless. Every body type can pull this look off. Again, just keep proportions in mind. Keep the sweater more fitted and tucked in or add a belt if you are a pear or a hourglass. And keep the skirt type a flair. For boy shapes you can wear a ¬†looser sweater with a more fitted skirt. Apple shapes want to wear a sweater that is loose, but not to chunky with a skirt that is above the knee.

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