by kristy

It started in the 40’s with Dior placing it on women’s hips every where. Then it made a huge come back in the 80’s. Today, ailment you can find it all over the streets and runways. Peplums. For those of you with a straight, sales  boyish figure the peplum can create the illusion of an hour glass shape.  Now, for those of you that would rather stick pepper flakes in your eyes than add volume to your hips, hear me out. The peplum, if worn a bit higher, can create negative space. And say for example you have a smaller waist and bigger thighs, a peplum will exaggerate your small waist and disguise  your hips also creating a perfect hour glass shape. It also can be your best friend for those dreadful ‘Oh So Not Flat’ stomach dyas. Wear a peplum with a pencil skirt, skinny trousers, jeans or even wide leg pants depending on how long your legs are.