Lost In Time

by kristy

It was Saturday night. My partner and I are getting ready to go dancing at a warehouse in the Arts District. I’m standing in front of my closet in jeans and a tank. MMMM, my closet doesn’t seem to support this type of outing. I proceed to try on about 15 different outfits. All the thoughts are running through my head of not feeling comfortable, not knowing what to wear to such an event, and the dreaded “I’m too old, “I hate all of my clothes”. My fun evening was not off to a good start. Frustrated, standing in a massive pile of clothes and not wanting to go out anymore, I put my jeans and tank back on…and accessorized.  We get into our Lyft, I can’t stop thinking about what the heck just happened. I’m a wardrobe stylist, dammit, this is what I am good at. Shaking off my nothing-to-wear-induced bad mood, we dance and have a good time. Looking around, I feel a bit silly. No one cares what I am wearing! There is this feeling of having to project the look of a wardrobe stylist, this pressure that I had put on myself. But, even the best chefs in the world can be found eating grilled cheese paired with a cheap beer.  Point being, we should never dress for anyone except ourselves, confidence is our best accessory, and the first look that you put on is (most likely) your best option.






I immediately fell in love with this editorial from Vogue Australia. The lighting, the style I find so beautiful. Victorian whites are always on my list of wants. I hope that you enjoy this set as much as I do.

teresa-palmer-phoebe-tonkin-by-will-davidson-for-vogue-australia-march-2015-12 Vogue-Australia-March-2015-Pheobe-Tonkin-Teresa-Palmer-Will-Davidson-Oracle-Fox.11 Vaus4 Vaus3 Vaus2 VAus1Vaus9 Vaus8 Vaus7 Vaus6 Vaus5