Halloween Costumes From Your Closet

by kristy

I don’t know about you, sales but the month leading up to Halloween my intention for an elaborate costume is strong and dazzling. The two days before all hallows eve are met with procrastination and panic accompanied by a last minute trip to IParty. Well this year I decided that (being in Los Angeles) I needed to plan ahead (It’s a big thing here). So I did what I do best, clinic went in my own closet for inspiration; something to work off of. In the light of calmness I found several easy costumes just hanging out! I want to share with my other Halloweeny-procrastinators some easy costumes to put together from pieces that you probably already have. Stress Free!

Rosie The Riveter


I have proudly been Rosie twice for Halloween. So easy, SO comfortable, and bad ass. In my closet I actually had a blue long sleeve mechanic looking jumpsuit. But here are some other simple options to pull off this look.

1- Denim shirt

2- Indigo jeans

3-Red bandana

4- boots



Don’t be surprised if you go with this idea, that you will see a million other ladies in their daisy’s.

1- Plaid/Gingham/Check button up

2- Denim shorts/fringe skirt (you can also take a large fringe shawl and wrap it around your waist (secure well)

3- Cowboy Boots!

4- Hat

5 – Bandana

6- Rope (tie it around a belt or keep it around your shoulder)

Wednesday Addams


I was her last year, was a lot of fun! I even had a doll that I carried around with her head missing.

1- Black dress

2- White button up

3- Black tights

4- Black boots

5- Braids

6- Pale face

7- Headless doll (optional) Or Skull

90’s Grunge 


This look can go in innumerable directions. I prefer the Glamourous-Grunge myself, but you can go with the effortless tights-denim shorts-T-plaid button up around waist- combat boots thing. Other options are as followed. (Image Styled By Red Bird Vintage)

1- Black dress (or dark color)

2- Ribbed white tank top, perhaps with holes or stretched out (under dress)

3- Multiple belts, studded and such

4- Multiple bracelets

5- Combat boots

5- Ripped tights

Risky Business


1- Tighty Whitie’s

2- Button up shirt that covers you bum (at least)

3- White socks

4- Smiles

“Bad” Sandy from Grease 


What a thrill.

1- Black tight pants

2- Black tight top

3- Black leather jacket

4 – Belt

5- Black heels

6- Prop cigarette



Another costume that can be created many different ways.

1- All of the jewelry you own

2- Scarf wrapped around head

3- Long flowy skirt or fitted skirt with shawl wrapped around it

4- Loose top, maybe a vest or corset

5- Boots

6- Tambourine

Sugar Skull


The most detailed part of this costume is the face paint. Then throw on a nice dress and grab a rose from your (or a strangers) garden.

1- Nice dress or Suit

2- Face paint and/or eye liner

3- Flowers

Bull Shit

There is no image for this one, but here is the list.

1- Brown pants/tights/skirt+top/dress

2- Make horns out of aluminum foil and attach to headband or buy horns, you can find them at CVS