Fashion Branding, PR & Styling Workshop

by kristy

Last month I attended a Fashion Branding, medic PR & Styling Workshop that was put on by the wonderful and talented Crissy Leatham-Ford. Among her many talents (fashion editor, writer, stylist, public speaker) she also is the founder of Models Against Bullying campaign. Never attending one of her workshops in the past, I was very curious and excited to see what it was all about. From the moment that she walked in the door until the very last second she was this incredible ball of energy that was ready  to answer any and all questions that you may have about your (fashion stylist, blogging, designing…) business. Not to mention all the fabulous, talented entrepreneurs that also attended this workshop that I was able to network with.  I left that night inspired and a new ‘To Do’ list for myself. There is another workshop coming up in February that I surely will be attending and highly recommend anyone else is the industry to join!  Check out more information here.

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Photos – I was so enthralled that I didn’t take a single photo, these were taken by Hill Zhou.