Daha Vintage

by kristy

Thursday was the release party for Bodega Girl’s video ‘Surf’s Up America’ that I was the assistant stylist on. Converse and Loroto Productions collaborated with Bodega Girls to create a music video that I can only describe as whimsical and fanciful. Despite the 8 hour drive from Boston to New York during the snow storm I met some wonderful people and had an amazing time running around Lower East Side in my funky vintage dress. I can’t wait for the video to drop for the world to see!



Located in the Lower East Side is this wonder land of vintage called Daha Vintage. Walls of covet worthy boots, cost
racks filled with beautiful dresses and so much more. Mj, the shop girl was very friendly and knowledgeable, I loved the bohemian rocker look she was wearing with a long sleeve silk cardigan over a black dress, belted with a wide stretch belt and layered accessories. Of course the floppy hat pulls it all together.