Crop Tops

by kristy

We have all seen it and most of us are terrified of it. Crop Tops. Not just for tweens and super models, treatment this trendy look can work for alomst anyone. You just need to get your proportions right. By all means if you have the wash board abs or blessed with a flat middle, show it off no matter what age, in a tasteful way of course. But here are a few tips on how to wear a crop top as an adult. Tip number uno, keep the bottom at the knee or longer. Remember- proportion. You can’t run around with a crop top AND a mini skirt. Tip number two, wear this top with a high waisted piece to only show a bit of your midi. Tip number three, add a denim jacket, cardigan, vest, or blazer in the mix to only show a tiny bit in the front. So there you have it. Crop tops, not so scary after all.

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