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Make Any Outfit Look More Expensive

by kristy

With these simple tips, diabetes and pregnancy you can make any outfit look for expensive. My number one tip is a good tailor. This is a great investment especially when it comes to a skirt, dress, or a pair of pants that you really love. Spend the $20 to get your piece tailored to your body and you will look like a million bucks. Here are a few other fashion tricks to keep in mind.


Elevate a basic tee and jeans with a tailored blazer. A good blazer has unlimited mileage so invest in a solid color and good material that wont pill easily on you.


My personal favorite trick, add accessories!!! This ‘arm party’ is the highlight of this jeans and tee look. And it goes with everything.


Classic over trendy. All of these pieces that Alexa is wearing have multiple uses.


Trench coats will never not be in style. Chose one that hits your shoulders just right and that goes in at the waist slightly.



A great pair of sunglasses can upgrade any look. Invest, but don’t forget to also pick up a case for them.

Normcore (noun) 1. A Fashion Movement, C.2014

by kristy

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Karlie Kloss in “New Year, prosthetic
New Look” by Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour, January 2015
By now, pancreatitis
we have all heard (and spotted) this “Normcore” trend taking over the nation (kinda).  Not to be confused with the “Minimalist”, bronchi
this trend is truly something that anyone can adapt to. Take out your boyfriend jeans, those baggy jeans that you have been holding on to, or  fitted sweat pants. Pair that with any type of T-shirt. Add perhaps a zip-up-hoodie, or if you dare, a flannel button up and tie it around your waist (no, really). And this is the most important part, a pair of cool sneakers. Now, you can add a sports hat and perhaps a bracelet party and call it a day! Now you are a fashionista. You-are-welcome.

normcorefri normcore11 1_normcore tumblr_nhgcvemSOB1qlgn6ho1_1280 normcore-j

Put a Scarf On IT

by kristy

I love, link love, about it love, accessories. It’s the quickest and easiest way to spruce up any look. One of my favorites is the ever so versatile scarf. They come in an infinite amount of patterns. Not to mention sizes and materials. Even in the summer, I love throwing a bright colored gauze scarf over my dress. But in the Fall/Winter, scarf wear is a whole other game and you best be ready for it. Of course there are the basic ways to loop a scarf, wrap around and Versace tie. But here are some different ways to add your statement accessory to your next outfit. Have fun with it!

scarf10 scarf9 scarf8 scarf7 scarf6 scarf4 scarf3 scarf2 scarf1

Cut It Out

by kristy


About 8 years ago when I worked for Cache I purchased a super funky, sovaldi sale black matte jersey turtleneck that had the shoulders cut out. I wore it with EVERYTHING! Full disclosure, I actually still have it (some pieces are timeless). This seasons wardrobe essential can be seen all over, from runways, to the streets, to your closet. Found in many forms of tops, dresses, and jackets. A free style tip from me to you is, although prints are always fun, buy one in a solid color to get more mileage out of your new piece.  I have selected a few examples for your viewing pleasure. Happy shopping!


Navy cut out, Revolve $84


Grey cut out, Pam & Gela $295


Black cut out Bloomingdales $88



White cut out $295 Alice + Olivia

11 Pieces – 10 looks

by kristy

Every season Shopbop shows us how to ‘remix’ some basic pieces that you can find in your wardrobe to create different looks. This is my favorite exercise to do with my clients! Now you try.


10looks5 10looks4 10looks3 10looks2

Fashion Branding, PR & Styling Workshop

by kristy

Last month I attended a Fashion Branding, medic PR & Styling Workshop that was put on by the wonderful and talented Crissy Leatham-Ford. Among her many talents (fashion editor, writer, stylist, public speaker) she also is the founder of Models Against Bullying campaign. Never attending one of her workshops in the past, I was very curious and excited to see what it was all about. From the moment that she walked in the door until the very last second she was this incredible ball of energy that was ready  to answer any and all questions that you may have about your (fashion stylist, blogging, designing…) business. Not to mention all the fabulous, talented entrepreneurs that also attended this workshop that I was able to network with.  I left that night inspired and a new ‘To Do’ list for myself. There is another workshop coming up in February that I surely will be attending and highly recommend anyone else is the industry to join!  Check out more information here.

601114_10202665237095092_1675150604_n 1459865_10202665237895112_169479394_n 1454784_10202665237935113_1389944374_n 1459226_10202665242975239_237303618_n 1392026_10202665243375249_106228669_n


Photos – I was so enthralled that I didn’t take a single photo, these were taken by Hill Zhou.

Tried and True – Six flattery rules

by kristy

Below you will find six universal rules that flatter all body types and make you appear 10 pounds thinner.

Wearing a V-neck lengthens your neck and shows off one of the most sexiest parts of a women, opisthorchiasis the collarbone.

Dressing head to toe in one color is the easiest slimming trick of all time. Most women think this only works with all black, but give other tones a try.


Show off your curves! Don’t hide under shapeless bulky clothing that make you appear bigger than you are.

Invest in a good bra that really supports you. Pay attention to hanging to low, tightness in the back and “hang over” on the top which is one of the most common. Everything you put on will look better!

Belt everything! When you belt at your smallest part you can create an instant hour glass effect. The thickness of the belt is determined by the length of you torso. A medium sized, as opposed to thick and super thin, is a universal option.

Buy clothes that you can move in. We all see those ladies walking about the street tugging at their skirt, or the look of panic on a women’s face when you realizes that she can’t sit down in her outfit. Also, when you are comfortable AND look good you can focus on other matters better.