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Mixin’ and a Matchin’

by kristy

Up until a few years ago, page mixing patterns was a faux-pas. There have always been the fashion rebels setting  trends for the non conventional dressers – Betsey Johnson, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, all the patrons who hung out on Melrose in the 80’s, to name a few. But now a days, you can find more of these ‘against the grain’ looks that are not only ‘excepted’ but celebrated (check out Advanced Style by Ari Cohen). As a lover of fashion I am constantly trying new things and looking for inspiration. Find below some tips that I use for mixing patterns some images that has lit a spark in me.

1- Replace your solid piece with a monochromatic print in the same color(s) of the printed piece you are matching

2- Mix two prints with one color that is found in both patterns

3-Treat animal print is a neutral

3-Stripes are the easiest print to start with for mixing

4- Use a large, solid color belt to separate patterns

5-Play with size- wear a large print on the bottom and a smaller print on the top

7- Pair two types of the same print. For example- Floral pants and a floral top-sharing one color in common

8- OR same print in two different bold colors

9- When in doubt Stripes and florals or dots and stripes AWLAYS play well together

10- Have fun with it- is just fashion =)

beadflower patterndot stripesstreetstyle flrwst mixxxd mixxxxx dotdot coco



by kristy

I’m starting a new series of Remix; a how to wear a piece at least three different ways. Here is a striped shirt that I got at a tag sale for $1! Besides the three looks below,  I wear it to bed sometimes with bike shorts, I have worn a tank dress and belted at the waist, and have worn it as a beach cover. This is my favorite exercise to practice with my clients, showing them how to wear what they already have. I hope that you enjoy my new series! I will post a Remix once a week. Happy Thursday! xx


blogpstripe3 blogspstripe2 blogpstripe

Remixing The White Button Up

by kristy

Yes, clinic
Madonna fell… but look at these fabulous people in drool worthy rags. FKS Twigs was my favorite.

012015-fka-twigs-594 fka-twigs-brit-awards-2015

459b03a0-bd14-11e4-8349-1fe60f433126_marina-and-the-diamonds-barefoot taylor-swift-brit-awards-2015-red-carpet--2-1424889996-custom-0 906c5ec0-bd1d-11e4-bb53-c70bf4b82059_cara-delevingne-brit-awards-2015 022e7640-bd20-11e4-bb53-c70bf4b82059_karlie-kloss-brit-awards-2015
Every women should have at least one version of a white button up in their wardrobe. This classic, ed
versatile piece comes in wraps, diagnosis
cropped, bustled, asymmetrical, and so on. Not to mention the different fabrics. There is a style for every body type out there. Once you get your white shirt in rotation, have some fun with it. Here are some outfit inspirations for you to try.

download-(2) main.original.585x0-(21) main.original.585x0-(20) main.original.585x0-(26) main.original.585x0-(25) main.original.585x0-(24) main.original.585x0-(23) main.original.585x0-(22) f-nyfw-new-york-fashion-week-street-style-spring-summer-2015-fall-thom-browne-brooks-brothers-black-fleece-zac-posen-houndstooth-grey-sweater-dress-white-button-down-shirt-dress-menswear-louise-et-cie-lace-booties-p main.original.585x0-(19)

Haute Hippie

by kristy

Some trends come and go, physiotherapist but Boho is here to stay (forever). Admiringly so, online Boho Chic was found on the Spring/Summer 2015 runways. Mixed bold patters, neurosurgeon mixed florals, fringe, feathers, and eyelet, to name a few nods to this timeless style. For the bold, here are some of my favorite pieces from this seasons shows to use as inspiration.

006-spring-2015-trends-hippie etro-2015-spring-summer-womens-milano-moda-donna-collezione-fashion-italy-denim-jeans-boho-hippie-70s-drapery-dress-tribal-fringes-poncho-wrap-ruffles-21x (1) chloe-2015-spring-summer-mode-paris-fashion-week-france-womens-70s-boho-denim-jeans-pleats-ruffles-lace-white-shirtdress-handkerchief-poncho-sheer-07x (1)



In order to rock this look, you don’t have to stretch too far out of your comfort box. By adding a few accessories to a maxi skirt/tank combo or a flowy dress you can update your staples by giving them new life.


Pamela Love


Anything from Wicked Peacock


Nyx Studio Designs

Hemlines Gone South

by kristy


I’m very much enjoying these chic and understated runway looks from Stockholm’s S/S 2015 Fashion Week. Usually, and I find, ed that from runway to street can be a bit difficult with the exaggerated details. These designers below look like they put together looks that can be worn in a “real” persons everyday life. From top to bottom Hunky Dory, Diana Orving, Back, and Altewai Saome.

hunky diana back stockholm1-(1)
Since Fall 2011, implant
hemlines have been dropping. First to right above the knee, then slightly below. Now the midi length, that resides below the knee but above the ankle, can be perceived as a bit dowdy. When in fact this look is ladylike, elegant, and grown up. Paired with some type of heel, in my personal opinion, looks best. Being a stacked boot, wedge, or bootie. Here are some inspirational street style photos to show you just how stylish this trend can be.

HBZ_Vertical_WhatsInStore_0220142-sm 0027-pfwfebmard8wt14bwp article-0-2042541A00000578-187_634x897 309607 LEEOLIVEIRA-2p296

Normcore (noun) 1. A Fashion Movement, C.2014

by kristy

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Karlie Kloss in “New Year, prosthetic
New Look” by Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour, January 2015
By now, pancreatitis
we have all heard (and spotted) this “Normcore” trend taking over the nation (kinda).  Not to be confused with the “Minimalist”, bronchi
this trend is truly something that anyone can adapt to. Take out your boyfriend jeans, those baggy jeans that you have been holding on to, or  fitted sweat pants. Pair that with any type of T-shirt. Add perhaps a zip-up-hoodie, or if you dare, a flannel button up and tie it around your waist (no, really). And this is the most important part, a pair of cool sneakers. Now, you can add a sports hat and perhaps a bracelet party and call it a day! Now you are a fashionista. You-are-welcome.

normcorefri normcore11 1_normcore tumblr_nhgcvemSOB1qlgn6ho1_1280 normcore-j

Put a Scarf On IT

by kristy

I love, link love, about it love, accessories. It’s the quickest and easiest way to spruce up any look. One of my favorites is the ever so versatile scarf. They come in an infinite amount of patterns. Not to mention sizes and materials. Even in the summer, I love throwing a bright colored gauze scarf over my dress. But in the Fall/Winter, scarf wear is a whole other game and you best be ready for it. Of course there are the basic ways to loop a scarf, wrap around and Versace tie. But here are some different ways to add your statement accessory to your next outfit. Have fun with it!

scarf10 scarf9 scarf8 scarf7 scarf6 scarf4 scarf3 scarf2 scarf1

11 Pieces, 8 Looks

by kristy

It’s that time again! Every season Shopbop shows how to wear a few basics several different ways. This is one of my favorite exercises to do with me clients. These looks in particular show great ways to wear your basics to the office.



11_8_look-5-750x621 11_8_look-4-750x621 11_8_look-3-750x621 11_8_look2-750x621

Dress up your pants this Fall

by kristy

Tight season is back, pfizer and for petite glad such as myself, viagra this is good news. It’s SO much easier to slip on tights and a dress with some boots than worry about the pant length game. However, there are only so many ways to change up this particular look. An unexpected way to spice up your wardrobe this season – Dress over pants. Yes, you heard me correctly. This 90’s inspired look was shown on the Runway for Fall/Winter 2014. It’s fun and a great way to keep some of your Summer dresses in the loop this season. So for you adventurista’s below you will find some cool ideas to try this look at home. Have fun with it! pantsskirt5 pantsskirt4 pantsskirt3 pantsskirt2 pantsskirt1 pantsskirt

Crop Tops

by kristy

We have all seen it and most of us are terrified of it. Crop Tops. Not just for tweens and super models, treatment this trendy look can work for alomst anyone. You just need to get your proportions right. By all means if you have the wash board abs or blessed with a flat middle, show it off no matter what age, in a tasteful way of course. But here are a few tips on how to wear a crop top as an adult. Tip number uno, keep the bottom at the knee or longer. Remember- proportion. You can’t run around with a crop top AND a mini skirt. Tip number two, wear this top with a high waisted piece to only show a bit of your midi. Tip number three, add a denim jacket, cardigan, vest, or blazer in the mix to only show a tiny bit in the front. So there you have it. Crop tops, not so scary after all.

anh_2 hbz-street-style-trend-crop-top-001-md roppedtops-street-style Street-style-828