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Month: March, 2015

Style Crush- Yasmin Sewell

by kristy

Yasmin Sewell- Boutique owner, ed street style star, forward thinking style consultant, and my style crush of the week. Sewell defiantly has an androgynous look that she hones in on. Then there is this funky side that she brings out. I’m really digging it and am going to wear blazers with pants or dresses all week.


Street-Style-ppl-W-S14-N-040 street_style_paris_fashion_week_septiembre_2013_96717959_1200x dsc_6655-20130926265811 4e9c4323a035576ad1dc4ba7b63704bf 2291e873b47debc194ac7c99fffe90d8 yasmin1

Make Any Outfit Look More Expensive

by kristy

With these simple tips, diabetes and pregnancy you can make any outfit look for expensive. My number one tip is a good tailor. This is a great investment especially when it comes to a skirt, dress, or a pair of pants that you really love. Spend the $20 to get your piece tailored to your body and you will look like a million bucks. Here are a few other fashion tricks to keep in mind.


Elevate a basic tee and jeans with a tailored blazer. A good blazer has unlimited mileage so invest in a solid color and good material that wont pill easily on you.


My personal favorite trick, add accessories!!! This ‘arm party’ is the highlight of this jeans and tee look. And it goes with everything.


Classic over trendy. All of these pieces that Alexa is wearing have multiple uses.


Trench coats will never not be in style. Chose one that hits your shoulders just right and that goes in at the waist slightly.



A great pair of sunglasses can upgrade any look. Invest, but don’t forget to also pick up a case for them.


by kristy

Luxe – an editorial printed in Gilded Magazine. This was a super fun shoot to work on with a great team. AND there was a giant chess set.


luxe8 luxe7 luxe4 luxe2 luxe3 luxe6

Remixing The White Button Up

by kristy

Yes, clinic
Madonna fell… but look at these fabulous people in drool worthy rags. FKS Twigs was my favorite.

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Every women should have at least one version of a white button up in their wardrobe. This classic, ed
versatile piece comes in wraps, diagnosis
cropped, bustled, asymmetrical, and so on. Not to mention the different fabrics. There is a style for every body type out there. Once you get your white shirt in rotation, have some fun with it. Here are some outfit inspirations for you to try.

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