Mixin’ and a Matchin’

by kristy

Up until a few years ago, page mixing patterns was a faux-pas. There have always been the fashion rebels setting ┬átrends for the non conventional dressers – Betsey Johnson, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, all the patrons who hung out on Melrose in the 80’s, to name a few. But now a days, you can find more of these ‘against the grain’ looks that are not only ‘excepted’ but celebrated (check out Advanced Style by Ari Cohen). As a lover of fashion I am constantly trying new things and looking for inspiration. Find below some tips that I use for mixing patterns some images┬áthat has lit a spark in me.

1- Replace your solid piece with a monochromatic print in the same color(s) of the printed piece you are matching

2- Mix two prints with one color that is found in both patterns

3-Treat animal print is a neutral

3-Stripes are the easiest print to start with for mixing

4- Use a large, solid color belt to separate patterns

5-Play with size- wear a large print on the bottom and a smaller print on the top

7- Pair two types of the same print. For example- Floral pants and a floral top-sharing one color in common

8- OR same print in two different bold colors

9- When in doubt Stripes and florals or dots and stripes AWLAYS play well together

10- Have fun with it- is just fashion =)

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